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Quote Sentir

male (cis) - gay - bat/mouse hybrid - INFJ
(bat: pygmy fruit eating bat; mouse: house mouse)

18 years old (13.4.2000)
suffers from chronical depression, bipolar disorder
and AvPD, developed throught traumatic childhood

Quote had a pretty decent, regular childhood, until high school. Being one of the very introverted children and one of the
artistic personality types, he was clasically bullied just for being different. He was an unexpected child, his parents didn't ever cared for him, he had almost noone to talk to, with the exception of some mutuals from school, which he had later cut off from his life.

Because of his kind-of immature attitude, he wanted to ''escape to a better life'' by living like a vagabond, traveling alone throught the world. He didn't think of the consequences and just escaped from home one night. He stayed almost three days in a forest, trying to somehow survive on only eating random plants he found. He didn't want to come back to his hometown because of embarrasment; so he kept trying to make a living outside, which unfortunately made him even more depressed and miserable.

All of this has suddenly changed after Shuttrak met him (or basically 'found him')

back story wip 1 by Ratlovera

The third day, when Quote was overthinking his actions while crying silently under a couple of trees, Shuttrak randomly went throught the same forest to find some herbs. He has never met Quote before. When Quote heard someone walking near him, he almost had an panic attact. He thought the person could be one of his parents, who are trying to find him and maybe even hurt him for his actions. This thought got him to cry out loud, which eventually led to Shuttrak noticing him.

(still in progress)

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