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22 years old (16. 12. 1995)

jerboa/rat hybrid


Originally, he was a creation I made while having a depressive episode way back in 2014, when I was an edgy elementary school kid.
His very first version was a stereotypically black alicorn with blue

eyes and a number "16" for a cutie mark (can't remember the reason)
who I later changed to be just unicorn.
He was meant to be an insane crazy maniac who tortured others for fun/pleasure. Usually I drew him torturing favourite characters of mine. This was my way to cope with depression/anxiety until somewhere in 2016, when I got older and realized how absolutely ridiculous I was. That was also where my passion for MLP was slowly ending, so I redesigned him to be a rodent just like Quote, gave him cutesy light-red heart markings and a very kind, loving personality.

- very awful terrible mary sue edgelord


( I used his first personality to somehow make a reason to how he is now if that makes sence, so sorry if it's edgy too)

Basically he was cured from his insanity/mental illness by many psychiatrists. After that, they recommended him to live alone somewhere far from the town this all happened just to be sure. He could still go to work, go to shop and just be a normal person thought.

So he lived like two years alone near a forest in a small house, it was a nice living but he was often very lonely. (he is an extrovert after all)

then he met Quote and well I'm lazy to write any further so it ends here I quess.

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